About Us

At Best oLive we love everything that has to do with nature, beauty, the good life and well-being.


In the beginning we used some of our grandmothers’ secret recipes. Production of soaps and herbal cosmetics with natural raw materials, which is what we tried to produce our first products with this a few years ago. And that’s where we encountered the first difficulties. To produce proper quality herbal cosmetics, you need not only good packaging but also good content, but it was impossible to find first-class organic raw materials on the market. However, they have always existed in nature provided one engages in their cultivation. And somewhere here we realized that if we wanted first-class raw materials of the best quality, we would inevitably have to get our hands dirty, buy farm equipment, hire farm workers and cultivate our land. quality and reasonable cost and quantity for our use. And so it happened…


When we became aware of the importance and value of Greek herbs, regional olive trees and organic aloe vera, we decided a few years ago to actively use our land in Methana in a special way. The volcanic Methana peninsula, in addition to the well-known thermal springs, is also known for the excellent variety of olive trees that thrive in our area, the Koroneiki – Manaki variety. In addition to being an excellent culinary delight, this olive oil is the most important basic ingredient for the production of our cosmetic products and thus “nourishes” our largest organ, our skin!


At the same time we started organic cultivation of certified. Aloe vera plants of the Barbadensis Miller variety, a species completely unknown to the general public at the time. Many compelling reasons led us to this “alternative” cultivation. So we started with big. Passion, love and the valuable support of the scientific community of cosmetology with slow but steady steps, fresh Greek cosmetics with the highest. produce quality features. The ideal combination of these two. Ingredients has started to surprise us!


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