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Having realized the importance of Greek herbs, Troizinia olives and organic aloe vera, some years ago we decided to exploit actively and in a special way our land in Methana. The Volcanic Peninsula of Methana besides the famous Hot Springs is also famous for its quality variety of olive trees that flourish in our area, the Koroneiki-Manaki variety. This olive oil, besides an exquisite gastronomic pleasure, is the main ingredient for the production of our cosmetics, this way "nourishing" properly the largest organ of our body, our skin!

At the same time, we installed an organic farming of certified Aloe Vera plants of the Barbadensis Miller variety, a farming then completely unknown for the general public. The reasons for this "alternative" farming were many and important Thus, with great care, love and the valuable support from the scientific community of Cosmetology, we slowly but steadily began to produce fresh Greek cosmetic products of highest quality characteristics. The ideal combination of these two components has just started to surprise us!                                           

The main raw materials of our cosmetics, the olive oil and aloe vera gel, are cultivated and produced by us in visitable organic farming in Methana of Troizinia. This way, we ensure the production of really fresh natural cosmetics with superior quality characteristics and activity that lasts!

Let's take care of our body's largest organ to the extent it deserves so.  

Have you experienced really Fresh Cosmetics?


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