Our Plantation

Our Plantation consists, for the most part, of non-irrigated olive trees that produce a limited amount of quality olive oil. The total production is allocated to the ever-increasing demand for our manufactured products.

We also have the unique, until now, organic cultivation of Aloe Vera in volcanic soil for final products of higher quality characteristics, as confirmed by a Study of the Agricultural University of Athens (click here to see the study) .

We have to admit that the agricultural activity is a time-consuming and laborious process, but it is necessary for us to ensure the quality of the raw materials from which we produce our fresh cosmetic products.

When conditions permit, we hand-pick the abundant wild herbs that thrive in the land of Troizenia, such as: oregano, balsam, rosemary, thyme, lavender, etc. from which we produce edible oils.

Near our plantation, there is a Traditional Guest House for those who like escapes in the middle of Nature!

See the accommodation here.