Aloe Vera Gel Βody Care

Aloe Vera Gel Βody Care offers natural and immediate relief to the skin. A product is suitable for the whole family and every skin type. The aloe gel, is famous since ancient times for its healing properties, especially for dry and damaged skin from sunburn, bites, and even on small or large wounds. Ideal for before and after exposure to sunlight and swimming.

– Not tested on animals.

– Contains no Parabens and other banned substances.

– Ideal for Vegans/Vegetarians.

-Use: After a thorough cleansing, apply externally with gentle circular movements a sufficient amount on the entire body. Repeat as long as needed.

Zero environmental footprints.
We responsibly reduce our environmental footprint through the sustainable management of the resources we use, the ecological design and packaging of our products as well as our environmentally friendly behavior, which affects our activities and the life cycle of our products

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3 reviews for Aloe Vera Gel Βody Care

  1. 5.00 out of 5


    i use it almost daily the last 3 years ! Works for me !

  2. 5.00 out of 5


    Φοβερος ορος σωματος με υπεροχο αρωμα, το δερμα γινεται μεταξενιο!

  3. 5.00 out of 5


    Εκπληκτικο προιον ενυδατωσης σωματος! το χρησιμοποιω καθημερινα μετα το μπανιο παντου, ακομη και στις μασχαλες αφου ειναι απολυτα φυσικο! Απορροφαται αμεσα, δεν ειναι λιπαρο, αφηνει το δερμα σαν μεταξι και εχει υπεροχο αρωμα φρεσκαδας που διαρκει ολη μερα. Ακομη και οταν επιστρεφω απο τη δουλεια μου ακομη μοσχομυριζει! Ολη μερα το εχω μαζι μου, ακομη και οταν χρειαστω εξτρα ενυδατωση και φρεσκαδα! Παρα πολυ ωραιοοοοοο!!!!!

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