Best oLive’s peeling mask is designed to restore brightness, density, hydration and tightening of the skin!
It removes dead skin cells, penetrates all layers of the skin, improving its texture and strengthening the skin so that it becomes smooth and shiny in just 10 minutes

It has a strong firming and anti-aging effect, thanks to the marine collagen it contains as well as the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

It has an intense whitening and moisturizing effect, thanks to the rich content of aloe and thus reduces discolouration, freckles and spots!

Brightness, Shine, Anti-aging, Whitening, Firming, Deep hydration

Depending on the quality and needs of the skin, we apply 1 or 2 times a week a thin layer of mask on a cleansed face and neck. Remove with plenty of cold water after 10′.

Zero environmental footprint .
We responsibly reduce our environmental footprint through the sustainable management of the resources we use, the ecological design and packaging of our products as well as our environmentally friendly behavior, which affects our activities and the life cycle of our products

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